Project Management

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Diploma in Project Management

Introduction: the Project Management program provides practical understanding and knowledge of how to successfully manage a project from start to completion. It explains the principles and techniques of project ideas and methods and teaches a professional approach to project management. It teaches the careful organization, planning and control needed for projects or events of any size.
This program is a great value to managers, executives and entrepreneurs currently or aiming to be involved in project management and is essential for career success in this respected field.

Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program Include:

  • Project management, mangers, people involved; project objectives; the time/cost/quality relationship. Customer project specifications; design, production, development; contractors; project checklists.
  • Project organization: matrix, functional, hybrid; project teams, support, cooperation, communication, analyzing and planning project tasks, work breakdown, designing work code systems; big projects.
  • Project costs: fixed, variable, direct, indirect, accuracy; estimating, costing format, profit vulnerability. Project planning; bar charts, critical path networks, diagrams, milestones, resource constraints, timescales.
  • Resource scheduling, computer systems and network analysis; monitoring projects; reports, risks. Project implementation, authority, design standards, control schedules, actually getting started.
  • Specifying requirements, purchasing and supplier selection; orders, documents, shipping, quality. Cost management and budget; materials, equipment, services; performance analysis, profitability,
  • Changes during projects, agreeing and authorizing changes, design freeze, emergency changes. Managing progress, schedule updates, control systems, corrections; finishing projects and closure.


  • Managerial or supervisory work experience. Competence & knowledge in professional work activity.